Introduction to Wound Management Module

  • 6 hours
  • $50.00

The Introduction to Wound Management module was developed through an analysis of the literature and in accordance with National and International Standards for Wound Management, consensus documents and evidence based-guidelines.

This examines the fundamental principles of wound assessment and management focusing on:

  • Skin Anatomy
  • Wound Healing Physiology
  • Wound Healing Methods
  • Factors Affecting Wound Healing
  • Bacteria and Wound Healing
  • Wound Assessment
  • Wound Management – Cleansing
  • Wound Photography
  • Wound Management – Dressings

The Introduction to Wound Management Module is designed to provide health professionals, paramedics and student health professionals with guiding principles on the physiology of wound healing and wound assessment and management. Access to the module is for 12 months and you can jump in and out of the course as often as you want, with each module remembering where you left off.

This module is accredited by the Australian College of Nursing and The Australian College of Midwives for 6 hours of CPD. It is also accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as a Category 2 QI&CPD activity and by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine as a PDP activity.

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