Clinical Services.

Onsite Facility Consultations.

It is Wound Innovations’ core goal to improve clinical outcomes for individuals living with wounds. To achieve this we understand the need to improve the knowledge of those caring for these individuals and their wounds so we work with the patient and their carer/Aged Care facility to develop a specialised plan of wound care.

During the consultation, a holistic assessment is undertaken utilising all relevant clinical information. Where appropriate further investigations can be carried out on-site to better inform this assessment and support treatment planning. Wound Innovations also offer upskilling of staff by way of bedside coaching/clinical mentoring. This is done by way of a staff member being present during the consultations and observing our clinical team.

With the consent of the patient, Wound Innovations provides them, and any other health professionals involved in the patient’s care, with a detailed Wound Management Plan outlining our assessment findings, diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for follow up care.

Wound Innovations staff will then recommend a further course of treatment that may include one or more of the following services:

  • Review Appointments
  • Product recommendations such as dressings, skin care treatments, mattresses, nutritional supplements.


  • Onsite Facility Consultations are charged at $300 +GST per patient, per consultation.

** Dressings are not included in the above prices. Dressings will be invoiced separately if they are required.