A National Clinical Service for Non-Healing WoundsAvailable for home and facility consults, telehealth and education - nation-wide

On-Site Consultations

Our specialists will visit you on-site at your facility. Wound Innovations offers facilities support to meet the required standards for the prevention and management of skin health for conditions such as pressure injuries, leg ulcers and skin tears.

At-Home Consultations

Our specialists will visit you at your home. These consultations can be fully funded by Home Care Packages. If you have a Home Care Package and are unsure if you have funds available please contact your Home Service Provider.

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth appointments allow you and your health professional to have a comprehensive wound consultation with access to the Wound Innovations inter-disciplinary team. These appointments are offered nation-wide and are ideal for patients with mobility constraints, physical disabilities, residents of aged care facilities and anyone requiring access to advice from a specialist team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ineligible patients:

The following patients are ineligible for treatment:

  • Life threatening and / or severe traumatic injury

  • Acutely unwell and / or medically unstable

  • Abnormal test results that require urgent medical intervention

  • Treatment required outside scope of practice

  • Partial / full thickness burns in adults >10% of total body surface area and <5% TBSA for children

  • Partial / full thickness burns involving face or neck, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or major joints, circumferential burns and pregnancy with cutaneous burns

  • Burns caused by chemical, electricity (including lightning), associated with inhalation injury and suspected non-accidental injury

  • Burns with concomitant trauma or pre-existing unstable health condition

  • Significant deterioration in wound with sepsis or infarction and / or deterioration in general health since last review

Please contact [email protected] for more information on patient eligibility and appointments.

Our standard pricing is:

  • Telehealth appointments: $85*
  • On-site consultation: $300*
  • In-home consultation: $350*

For more information please contact the friendly staff at the Wound Innovations directly: 1300 224 034

*GST will be added to these costs where the patient is not being billed directly for a service, eg. where services are charged to a home care provider or facility.

Bulk billing is currently not available.


Download the Patient Information & Email Consent Form

Select your appointment type in the form (RACF Call-Out, Telehealth or Community Visit). Provide or attach patient information and ensure the Patient, Patient’s Enduring Power of Attorney or Substitute Decision Maker has signed the form.


Send the completed form & attachments to us

Fax: (08) 8155 5348

Email: [email protected]*

*Only return by email if the Patient, Patient’s Enduring Power of Attorney or Substitute Decision Maker has consented to email communication.