A national clinical service for non-healing wounds


  • On-Site Consultations

    Our specialists will visit you on-site at your facility. Wound Innovations offers facilities support to meet the required standards for the prevention and management of skin health for conditions such as pressure injuries, leg ulcers and skin tears.

  • At-Home Consultations

    Our specialists will visit you at your home. These consultations can be fully funded by Home Care Packages. If you have a Home Care Package and are unsure if you have funds available please contact your Home Service Provider.

  • Telehealth

    Telehealth appointments allow you and your health professional to have a comprehensive wound consultation with access to the Wound Innovations multi-disciplinary team. These appointments offer the same service by telecommunications technology, except for the wound treatment and dressings. These appointments are offered nation-wide and are ideal for patients with mobility constraints, physical disabilities, residents of aged care facilities and anyone requiring access to advice from a specialist team.

  • Spring Hill Clinic

    These appointments are for patients who require treatment and are able to attend the Spring Hill Clinic. The appointment includes a full assessment and diagnosis; wound treatment; a wound management plan, and all dressings for the appointment plus dressings for the next dressing change.

  • High Risk Foot Appointments

    Wound Innovations High Risk Foot Clinic is now open once a month. Our specialist service is for those suffering from poor circulation, poor sensation and/or foot deformity. Appointments are based at Spring Hill Clinic.

Our clinic

Frequently asked questions

Eligibility criteria

Ineligible patients

The following patients are ineligible for treatment:

  • Life threatening and / or severe traumatic injury

  • Acutely unwell and / or medically unstable

  • Abnormal test results that require urgent medical intervention

  • Treatment required outside scope of practice

  • Partial / full thickness burns in adults >10% of total body surface area and <5% TBSA for children

  • Partial / full thickness burns involving face or neck, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or major joints, circumferential burns and pregnancy with cutaneous burns

  • Burns caused by chemical, electricity (including lightning), associated with inhalation injury and suspected non-accidental injury

  • Burns with concomitant trauma or pre-existing unstable health condition

  • Significant deterioration in wound with sepsis or infarction and / or deterioration in general health since last review

Please contact reception@woundinnovations.com.au for more information on patient eligibility and referrals.

Can I receive home visits?

Yes, Wound Innovations provides consultations for home visits and these can be fully funded with Home Care packages. Contact us to book a consultation or find out more information. 

How telehealth works

Telehealth appointments are similar to standard clinic appointments. The patient attends an appointment with their health professional, and a member from Wound Innovations joins the meeting by videoconference. High resolution photos of the wound are taken and shared, progress is monitored, the patient provides feedback and recommendations are made for future care.

You can make a referral for telehealth in the same way as our other services, by completing a Referral form. Click the referral form below and send back to our clinic – please see our page Make a Referral for full details on how to submit your referral securely.

Is there parking onsite at Spring Hill?

Yes, there is low-cost parking available. Entrance to the carpark is via Hope Street.

What happens in a Spring Hill clinic appointment?

Initial consultation

During your initial appointment you will have access to the multi-disciplinary team who will perform a holistic assessment of your wound management needs. This will include a detailed questionnaire and we will also ask you “what is important to you?” so that our approach is tailored to suit your needs, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve.

Following the consultation, and with your consent, a comprehensive report will be provided to your referrer and any other health professionals involved in your care.

We will also discuss with you our recommended wound management plan including all required appointments and fees so you can make decisions regarding your future wound treatment process.

Wound treatment packages

Depending on your diagnosis, we will recommend a further course of treatment that may include one or more of the following services:

  • Wound management package (two to six subsequent appointments)

  • High risk foot package
  • Wound prevention program
  • Intensive wound treatment package
  • Telehealth services (see below)

To refer:

Please view the how to refer section of this page.

What do patients need to wear and bring to Spring Hill clinic appointments?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. We recommend that you bring a large slipper or expandable shoe  in case you require bandaging of your lower limb.

Please bring with you a referral from your health professional if you have one, a list of all your current medications (including complimentary and alternative medicines), and any recent test results or other information that might be of assistance.

If you wear compression stockings or orthotic footwear, please bring these with you to your appointment. You may also like to bring any dressings that you are currently using.

You may like to bring a support person with you to your appointment.

Is transport (i.e. ambulance) available at Spring Hill Clinic?

An ambulance service is available. Please contact our friendly team at our clinic directly: 1300WOUNDS (1300 968 637).

Schedule of fees

Our standard pricing is:

  • Telehealth appointments: $85+GST
  • On-site consultation: $300+GST
  • Spring Hill clinic: $300+GST
  • In-home consultation: $350+GST

For more information, or to request a package, please contact the friendly staff at the Wound Innovations clinic directly: 1300 WOUNDS (1300 968 637).

Bulk billing is currently not available.


If you have any enquiries please contact us on:

Phone: 1300 WOUNDS or 07 3724 0100
Email*: reception@woundinnovations.com.au

* Please do not send patient information via unencrypted email. There are risks associated with using standard email in the healthcare environment, for more information please click here.

Refer to us

To refer to us, please complete our referral form and send via one of the secure methods listed in detail below.

  • Refer to us - step 1

    Download your referral form

    Download the PDF form or download a template for your medical software.

    Note: When importing templates to your clinical software do not open them outside of your medical software as this will corrupt the template.

  • Refer to us - step 2

    Send your referral

    We accept referrals securely via:

    Medical Objects: Wound Innovations

    If you have a different secure messaging service you wish to use please contact us.

    Fax: 07 3059 6030

    Email Referrals:

    Referrals may be emailed only if the patient or the patient’s legal personal representative have signed the included consent form.

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