About Us.

We are Wound Innovations.

We provide wound care specialists across Australia to treat Aged Care patients and assist health professionals in the treatment and management of chronic wounds via face-to-face consultations or remotely through telehealth.

We have treated thousands of patients and our unique approach has been proven to reduce the size of wounds, quicken healing and improve the patient’s quality of life, while generating cost benefits to Aged Care providers.

Our approach supports the recommendations of the Royal Commission and the new Aged Care Standards.


What is a Wound?

Wounds come in many forms and each needs a specific treatment to ensure the quickest healing and best possible recovery.

As a rule, clean cuts and surgical incisions tend to heal quickly and without complications. However, wounds such as leg ulcers, burns and pressure injuries like bed sores can take much longer to heal.

A number of factors including infection, diabetes, obesity or simply the process of ageing, can slow down the healing process. Some wounds can take more than 3 months to heal and these we consider chronic and it is critical a wound care specialist is consulted so the best possible treatment can be provided.

Did you know?

  • >10,000 wound consultations have been delivered by our specialists to date.
  • 60-70% of patients have recurrent wounds, and many suffer from the condition for 15 or more years.
  • 34% of Residential Aged Care residents have one or more wounds.
  • 92% of wounds treated by our specialists are reduced in size or healed*.
  • 54% reduction in the number of pressure injuries at RACFs with our clinical and education programs.
  • 80% can be healed in 12 weeks when patients receive specialist treatment.