Welcome to the Wound Care Specialists

We are Wound Care Specialists, available for home and facility consults, telehealth and education - nation-wide.

Our suite of evidence-based learning modules accompany course curriculums and provide individual professional development. Our Wound Credentialing service provides recognition and community awareness of wound management experts.

Our activities were established and pioneered by the Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (Wound CRC).
Wound Innovations consultations nation wide wound services

Our team

Our team is the core of who we are. Each team member is integral to our organisation, and we are proud to deliver an inter-disciplinary service.

Board and Executive

Peter Francis

William Kelly

Dr Ian Griffiths

Dr Anthony Dyer
Chief Executive Officer

Kylie Staunton
General Manager Sales & Operations

Susannah Mulligan
Online Education & Research Manager

Clinical Team

Dr John Bingley
Vascular Surgeon 

Tabatha Rando
Wound Management Nurse Practitioner

Lynette Rodriguez
Wound Management Nurse Practitioner

Dr Dan Oxlee
General Practitioner

Dr Heidi Gills
General Practitioner

Scott Lucadou-Wells
Advanced Clinical Podiatrist

Alan Shackleton
Wound Management Nurse Practitioner

Sarah Hylton
Clinical Nurse

Tarlya Westphall-Jensen
Registered Nurse

James Hobbs
Clinical Nurse Consultant