About Us.

Our History

Wound Innovations approach was founded after more than 8 years of intensive research during the government funded Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre to address the clinical need for expert wound care and education.

Established in July 2018, Wound Innovations has now provided over 10,000 consultations for chronic wound patients in RACFs, at their home or via telehealth.

Our innovative treatment approach achieves significant reductions in healing times, improves the quality of life for patients and empowers nurses working in Aged Care.


We aim to be Australia’s premier organisation solely dedicated to clinical wound treatment, education and compliance support by:

  • delivering a better quality of life for patients and their families through improved wound healing and skin health
  • improving staff education and training for Aged Care and Home Care providers
  • providing significant net cost benefits to both Aged Care providers and the public health system