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There are many varieties of wound products available on the market and the object of this resource is to provide an easy to access guide on some of the most commonly used wound products.

This Wound Product Guide has been developed by the expert team at Wound Innovations. It provides an overview of the composition, properties, indications for use, application techniques, precautions and contraindications of a selection of generic wound products. This guide covers the most commonly used wound products currently available for clinicians involved in providing care for patients with wounds.

The selection of appropriate wound products requires a careful holistic assessment of the patient, factors that affect wound healing and the wound itself. No product will heal a wound without the clinician first addressing individual patient issues that have been identified by a comprehensive assessment.

The goal of wound products is to create and/or maintain an environment conducive to wound healing. To do this the product may be required to:
• manage odour
• reduce pain
• contain exudate
• prevent or treat infection
• promote healing

This resource provides a guide for the use of wound products, it is not prescriptive nor is it exhaustive. This guide does not endorse the use of any wound product or organisation. Always refer to the manufacturers instruction when using wound products.


  • Four main sections: wound cleansers, skin protection, primary dressings, secondary dressings with references
  • Each dressing is explained in terms of its composition, properties, indications for use, application techniques and precautions and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each dressing/product listed, along with an image of a wound that the dressing would typically be used for
  • Products covered are referred to in it’s composition terms (i.e. hydrogel, alginate, silver) with commercial product examples (the guide is not an endorsement of any listed manufacturers)


  • 40 page spiral bound book
  • Professionally printed on 150GSM matt paper stock with hard cover and back
  • Ideal companion resource for many of our modules, however is most relevant for the Introduction to Wound Management Module where these products are discussed in Part 2.
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