Wound Innovations have been undergoing an update of our website and online presence this week, with further updates to be released in the coming weeks.

Wound Innovations Website UpdateThese updates reflect our service focus on outreach to all Australians who need specialist wound care, regardless of location. Our in-demand services have been expanded to on-site visits to facilities and community/home consultations, and to accommodate the requirements of our clients, we’ve updated our site to ensure that booking an appointment with us is a straightforward and positive experience.

When you land on our home page you will be able to click on the ‘book a consult’ button to download our Patient Information and Email Consent Form and read about our available appointments.

On our clinical services page, we have outlined our current appointment types, which include: on-site consultations, at-home consultations, telehealth and Spring Hill (Brisbane) clinic appointments, with information on each included, along with an updated Frequently Asked Questions including schedule of fees.

We have also updated our Online Learning page, so that users can view our modules at a glance and organisations can enquire about our volume packages. For each module page, we have updated the gallery so you can view high-resolution screenshots of the content and the interactive components that are built in to each module.

View our Introduction to Wound Management online module to see the changes.

Stay tuned for more updates and changes soon, and if you have any feedback or would like further information about our appointment availability in your area, contact us today.

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