Wound Credentialing: 50% off applications for 12 weeks

Wound Innovations are excited to announce that for the next 12 weeks, Wound Credentialing applications will be 50% off for members of our Affiliate partners and those who have pre-registered or subscribed to our email list.

This post contains information about the offer and how to commence an application – please scroll down to view full details.

About Wound Credentialing: 

The Wound Credentialing Service is a recognition scheme for clinicians managing wounds, which aims to develop a national benchmark for wound expertise and build community awareness by creating a centralised national register of credentialed wound clinicians. AHPRA registered professionals can apply to become a ‘Credentialed Wound Clinician’ or ‘Credentialed Wound Clinician – High Risk Foot Specialty’ and be able to access the nation-wide inter-disciplinary services at Wound Innovations.

The Credentialing Service was developed by a project team of national experts as a key translation activity of the Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (Wound CRC). Wound Innovations as the legacy vehicle of the Wound CRC  continues independent administration of the service in conjunction with the national Credentialing Committee and Credentialing Coordinator. Further information on the committees, framework, peer review process and benefits of becoming credentialed, please visit the ‘About’ section of our Wound Credentialing website by clicking here. 


How to commence an application and claim the 50% off offer: 

Before commencing an application we recommend you review the eligibility criteria. If you aren’t sure if you are eligible or you would like to talk with someone to discuss any aspect of the process, we are happy to help – contact us at: credentialing@woundinnovations.com.au 

Step 1: visit www.woundcred.com and on the home page click ‘Apply today’


Step 2: Click ‘Apply Now’

Step 3: You will be directed to the following screen (which is our credentialing system), where you will need to enter your name, email and select your profession then click ‘next’. If you have any errors with pressing the ‘Apply now’ button, the direct link to is here. 

Step 4: Click ‘Send’. You will be shown a page that indicates your details have entered the system, and an email will be generated. This email may take up to 5 minutes. The email from our system will appear from credentialingapplication@woundcred.com and will look like the screenshot below.

Step 5: Inside the email, you will receive the following message. It is from this email that your application form can be viewed and then saved in your browser. We recommend saving this email for future reference.

Step 6: The application form link, when clicked, will take you to the application instructions. Read through these  and peruse the privacy policy as indicated. Note that the fees listed on this page aren’t the discounted  prices – we will select these on the next step. In ‘Credential Type’ you can choose to apply for ‘Credentialed Wound Clinician’ or ‘Credentialed Wound Clinician – High Risk Foot Specialty’. Click ‘Next’.

Step 7: The next page is your personal profile, and once you have completed this section, in the ‘professional memberships’ area, select either your affiliate organisation OR ‘I have pre-registered and am eligible for the 50% discount’ (the discount will apply on both of these options).

Step 8: You can now continue in your application. To guide you through the process, we recommenced downloading our free Applicant Handbook by clicking here.

50% off promotion information & terms: 

From the 12th October to the 31st December 2018, Wound Innovations is offering 50% off the Affiliate application fee. This offer is applicable to all members or employees of our Affiliate Organisations (click here to view if your organisation is an Affiliate). The offer is also open to all subscribers of our email list. These subscribers will receive an invitation in their email inbox from the 12th October 2018. The total application cost is $270INC GST.

The full registration fee for credentialing is normally $605incGST, with the Affiliate membership fee normally $540INC GST – these prices will be applicable from January 1st 2019 to all who haven’t commenced an application. We encourage those who have been considering becoming credentialed to commence within the following 3 months to take advantage of this great introductory offer.



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