Would You Recognise Your Feet In A Lineup?

Article by Diabetic Foot Australia – read more here: https://www.diabeticfootaustralia.org/world-diabetes-day-2018/ 

Men, We're Looking At YouMen…We’re Looking At You

Studies have shown men have a certain reluctance in tackling health concerns, and much prefer to fix those pesky foot problems with the good ol’ band-aid approach. If you think about all the men in your family and life, you probably have a few loved ones who fit this ”she’ll be right” profile.

Now you’re probably thinking, they’re just feet right? Surely they can take care of themselves? But for the 1 million plus Australians currently living with diabetes, over 300,000 of those either have diabetic foot disease risk factors (poor feeling or poor circulation in their feet) or actual diabetic foot disease (sores, infection or really poor circulation in their feet).

Here’s The Thing…

Men are three times more likely to suffer from diabetic foot disease than women. And today, on World Diabetes Day, 12 Australians will undergo a diabetes-related amputation. Twelve might seem like a low number. But when you add that to the 12,500 Australians living with an amputation, and their families also living with a diabetes-related amputation, the impact of diabetic foot disease is growing at an alarming rate. It certainly makes you think about the large proportion of men adopting the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach, and how many diabetic foot related problems and complications could be prevented or avoided if feet were given the much needed attention they deserve. So the big question for all the Aussie blokes out there living with diabetes is…how well do you know your feet?

Ready For The Good News?

Getting your feet checked every year by your doctor or podiatrist will identify if you have any risk factors (poor feeling or poor circulation) for developing diabetic foot disease or not!

If you are one of the 1 million plus Australians with diabetes, make sure you book in for an annual foot assessment with your doctor or podiatrist. This will identify if you are one of the 300,000 Australians with these risk factors that need to have more regular care for their feet. OR if you don’t have these risk factors you simply need to make sure you get your feet checked again next year. It’s easy, quick and painless and your feet will thank you for it in the long run!

Let’s be honest, touching your toes was a lot easier in primary school. And as we age, reaching all the way down to your feet can seem as difficult as learning a second language. So you can help your family member with diabetes at home as well. A daily foot check can be done on the couch, even with sport playing on the TV.  So before giving your nearest and dearest that subtle head tilt to ‘please remove your feet from the coffee table’, take a moment to check their foot health first. Print out our handy ‘Daily Foot Care Checklist’ and stick it on the fridge for an easy reminder.

Download the Checklist and view further information here: https://www.diabeticfootaustralia.org/world-diabetes-day-2018/

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