Where do Venous Leg Ulcers Generally Develop? Take our Wound Knowledge Test!

Optimal care planning of a leg ulcer requires assessment of the individual, their wound and their healing environment.

The location of an ulcer is one of the wound characteristics required to be assessed. Arterial leg ulcers most often occur at/or below the ankle region.

Where do venous leg ulcers generally develop out of the options below?

a. Lateral aspect of the lower leg
b. Plantar surface of the foot
c. Medial aspect of the lower leg
d. Distal to an arterial occlusion

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Where do venous leg ulcers generally develop?

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  • Leg anatomy, calf pump physiology and leg ulcer aetiology
  • Comprehensive contra lateral leg assessment
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    • Wound Innovations on July 16, 2019 at 5:51 pm

      Thanks Julie! Our suite of online courses can be found here: https://www.woundinnovations.com.au/education/ – a small fee of $50 per module provides you with up to 6 hours of CPD content, valid for 12 months. Contact us is you’d like any further information.

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    How much are these course please

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