True or False: Hydrocolloids are Not Recommended for Skin Tears? Take our Wound Knowledge Test!

Skin Tear management includes evidence-based wound management as well as preventative strategies which will assist in preventing wound deterioration and future skin tears.

Hydrocolloid Dressings are adhesive, waterproof dressings comprised of various gel forming properties including carboxymethyl-cellulose, pectin, gelatin and elastomers. Hydrocolloids provide a moist wound environment, aid in autolytic debridement, conform to body shape, protect from microbial contamination, are largely waterproof and sheets do not require a secondary dressing

Are Hydrocolloids (and transparent film dressings) NOT recommended for Skin Tears? Take our wound quiz below to test your knowledge:

True or False: Hydrocolloids are Not Recommended for Skin Tears?

Did you get it right? Are you interested in learning more about or refreshing your knowledge of the Essentials of Skin Tear Management?

The Essentials of Skin Tear Management Module explores skin tear assessment, management and prevention strategies including:

  • Skin tear risk factors such as advanced age, dependence for activities of daily living, and visible skin changes
  • Maintaining a safe environment and effective handling techniques
  • Classification using the Skin Tear Audit Research (STAR) Tool and dressing product selection.

This module provides you with 6 Hours CPD and is completed 100% online, at your own pace, and on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. The module is interactive with videos, images, case studies, quizzes and more.

The module can be purchased on our website or ask your course provider or faculty if they are offering our online learning suite in your course.

In addition, we are soon to have the second publications of our Wound Product User Guide available for print and digital download. You can still pre-order your copy here.

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