Time to Put Your Feet First – National Diabetes Week 2018

They walk us around all day, squeeze into uncomfortable shoes, take a knock here and there and rarely complain. But for people with diabetes, feet are also often over-looked as the management of other aspects of diabetes takes higher priority. And with 1.7 million Australians living with diabetes, and 50,000 Australians living with diabetic foot disease, this National Diabetes Week it’s about time to put our valuable feet first.

Why even focus on feet? Well, where do you think diabetic foot disease ranks in the list of over 3000 health conditions that affect global disability? Top 1000, Top 100? Top 50? The alarming statistic is diabetes-related lower extremity complications now ranks in the Top 10, right up there with depression and lower back pain. When we take it a step further and compare with what most would consider common causes of disability like heart and kidney disease, it highlights how we need to improve these statistics by making time for our feet.

Did You Know That 80% Of Diabetes-Related Amputations Are Preventable With Best Practice Treatment And On-Going Management? 

Foot care is vital for people with diabetes and fortunately, many foot problems are actually preventable. With daily foot checks and recommended lifestyle changes, many people with diabetes are able to prevent foot ulcers and their more serious complications, such as amputation.  By introducing simple steps into your daily routine, the risk of foot problems can reduce significantly. So download our Daily Foot Care Checklist and take the time to get to know your feet every day.

Look for signs of injury, sensitivity and pain in your feet if you have diabetes

To download resources including the foot checklist and footwear guidelines, please visit: https://www.diabeticfootaustralia.org/national-diabetes-week-2018/

View Diabetes Australia’s ‘It’s About Time’ Campaign: https://www.itsabouttime.org.au/


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