Perineal care has been a frequently requested topic for our online learning suite, given that the majority of women will sustain some degree of perineal injury when giving birth, and some will have short and long-term health problems.

It’s essential that health professionals who provide care and support to women during the childbirth continuum are educated and trained to provide the best care possible based on the most current, up to date evidence. This module has been developed by leading experts in the previous 18 months, and is now available to start learning, with accreditation by ACN and ACM for 6 CPD points.

The aim of this online module is to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and understanding that is necessary to identify risks for perineal trauma. The module will also enable you to recognise and repair perineal trauma sustained during childbirth and advise women on how to relieve perineal pain.

Learning outcomes:

  • Correctly identify the anatomical structures of the perineum
  • Describe the antenatal and intrapartum factors associated with perineal trauma
  • Identify the various degrees of perineal trauma (inc 3rd/4th degree tear)
  • Understand that evidence-based practice can reduce the severity of perineal trauma during childbirth
  • Describe when an episiotomy should be performed
  • Understand how to repair perineal trauma (1st – 2nd degree tears including episiotomy)
  • Describe and advise women how to relieve pain associated with perineal trauma
  • Gain and understanding of women’s experiences and how this may affect their lives in the short and long term

The Perineal Care Module is suitable for all health and student health professionals working with clients/patients who have the potential to or have sustained perineal trauma. It is applicable to all health professionals working in hospitals, industry, corrective services, detention centres and community health services.

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