Our High-Risk Foot Clinic is the natural extension of our specialist inter-disciplinary wound care service. Our HRF Clinic aims to prevent new or recurrent foot ulcers in people with peripheral arterial disease, peripheral neuropathy or deformity.

The service is located at our facilities in the medial precinct at 55 Little Edward St Spring Hill. As standard, our service offers vascular assessment including doppler waveform analysis, neurological assessment, skin and nail management, gait analysis and footwear assessment.

Advanced Clinical Podiatrist and Vascular Surgeon Brisbane High Risk Foot

Left: Scot Lucadou-Wells, Advanced Clinical Podiatrist with Dr John Bingley, Vascular Surgeon at Wound Innovations

Our lead advanced clinical podiatrist, Scott Lucadou-Wells, has over 15 year’s experience working with patients suffering from foot ulcers and those at high risk of developing them.

Where indicated, our service can provide comprehensive vascular assessments including ankle-brachial and/or toe-brachial pressure index, offloading of pre-ulcerative sites guided by a gold-standard in-shoe plantar foot pressure measurement system, prescription of medical grade and custom footwear.  A comprehensive report will be provided to the referring medical professional and patient.

Scott is on-site Tuesday and Thursday working with our Vascular Surgeon, Nursing and Allied Health staff from between 8:00am – 12:00pm.

To refer to our High Risk Foot clinic, please use the GP management plan item 10692 or send a medical summary for privately funded patients.

Download a printable PDF flyer here

For more information, please contact our clinic on 1300 WOUNDS or contact us here