National Diabetes Week 2019: How Does Time Impact your Feet?

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We get it. Fitting your feet into your daily routine can prove a challenge. But did you know an estimated 50,000 Australians currently have a diabetic foot ulcer and at least another 50,000 have a history of diabetic foot ulcers?

When you think about how much time is spent avoiding the issue in the first place and then how much time is spent trying to fix the ulcer – it equates to a lot of time spent managing a problem that in 80% of cases could have been avoided.

So the big question is…how would you rather spend your time?

National Diabetes Week 2019 - Foot Ulcers 2 day difference

Let’s Start With Some Latest Research

The facts speak for themselves. Diabetic foot ulcers are reported as the leading cause of amputation in Australia, are in the top twenty causes of hospitalisation and have five year mortality rates worse than many cancers. Essentially diabetic foot ulcers are the triple threat you don’t want.

In good news though, researchers have been busy investigating the important role time plays for diabetic foot ulcers.

And they have found that the earlier a GP refers a patient to a multidisciplinary diabetic foot team, the more likely the ulcer will heal quickly and the less likely the patient will develop infection, be hospitalised or require an amputation.


It’s About Time With Your Diabetic Foot Team

Over the last 30 years, expert multidisciplinary diabetic foot teams have been shown to be more effective in managing diabetic foot ulcers compared to solo expert health practitioners. So what should you expect when checking in with your own Diabetic Foot Team?

Diabetic Foot Team check

How Does Time Impact Diabetic Foot Disease Globally?

  • Every 1.2 seconds someone develops a diabetic foot ulcer
  • Every 2.4 seconds someone develops a diabetic foot infection
  • Every 20 seconds someone has an amputation due to diabetic foot disease


Spend Time Wisely At Home To Help Your Foot Ulcer?

Your Diabetic Foot Team can only do so much. Between visits it’s important to be proactive in monitoring your ulcer and feet at home by following some simple steps.

Self Care of Foot Ulcers

July 14 – 20 is National Diabetes Week. View the Campaign page here and the Diabetic Foot Australia Campaign here.

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