Wound Product User Guide

There are a myriad of wound products available on the market. This easy to use guide provides relevant information on the most commonly used wound products.

About the Wound Product User Guide

Four main sections: wound cleansers, skin protection, primary dressings, secondary dressings with references

Each dressing is explained in terms of its composition, properties, indications for use, application techniques and precautions and contraindications

Advantages and disadvantages of each dressing/product listed, along with an image of a wound that the dressing would typically be used for

Products covered are referred to in it’s composition terms (i.e. hydrogel, alginate, silver) with commercial product examples (the guide is not an endorsement of any listed manufacturers)

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  • Ideal companion resource for many of our modules, however is most relevant for the Introduction to Wound Management Module where these products are discussed in Part 2.
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