CATEGORY: Wound Innovations

ACRRM and RACGP Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This online course is for members of the Australian College of Remote and Rural Medicine and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.  The course comprises of the following modules:

  • Introduction to Wound Management
  • Fundamentals of Burn Management
  • Comprehensive Foot Ulcer Management
  • Lower Leg Ulcer Management
  • Management of Malignant Wounds
  • Perineal Care Module
  • Assessment and Management of Pressure Injuries
  • Essentials of Skin Tear Management.

You can complete one or all of the modules over a 12-month period, with each module earning you 16 pts for QI & CPD Category 2 Activity (RACGP) or 30 PRPD points (ACRRM). 

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