Clinical Services.

Telehealth Consultation

Wound Innovations offers a telehealth service particularly for patients living in regional, rural or remote areas and for those who find it difficult to access specialist services.

Telehealth consultations are carried out remotely using videoconferencing or over the telephone.

Wound Innovations also offer upskilling of staff by bedside coaching/clinical mentoring. This is done by way of a staff member being present during the consultations and being guided by our clinical team.

Following the consultation, a Wound Assessment and Management Plan tailored to the specific needs of the patient is provided by Wound Innovations. Physical wound treatment can then be provided by the Aged Care facility or the Patient’s GP, enrolled nurse or registered nurse in accordance with the Wound Management plan.

Price and structure:

  • Telehealth consultations are charged at $130 + GST per patient, per consultation