What is telehealth?

Telehealth appointments are similar to standard clinic appointments. The patient attends an appointment with their health professional, and a member from Wound Innovations joins the meeting by videoconference. High resolution photos of the wound are taken and shared, progress is monitored, the patient provides feedback and recommendations are made for future care.

How does it work?

For patients outside of Brisbane:

  • We will link you with a health service in close proximity to where you live to minimise access issues and costs
  • We will work with your local health service by providing telehealth advice and information to support your wound improvement

What are the benefits of telehealth?

Telehealth is beneficial for patients who cannot readily travel to Wound Innovations such as people who live outside of Brisbane, older persons, people with physical disabilities, people who require timely wound care advice and for residents of aged care facilities with complex health needs.

Please email us at telehealth@woundinnovations.com.au if you require more information regarding this service.

Refer to our Telehealth service

You can make a referral for telehealth in the same way as our other services, by completing a Referral form. Click the referral form below and send back to our clinic – please see our page Make a Referral for full details on how to submit your referral securely.

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