Information for referrers

Specialists, General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners are welcome to refer patients to Wound Innovations.

First appointment

This appointment takes approximately two hours. During this time, the patient will see a holistic health team comprising:

  • A specialist or general practitioner
  • A wound nurse practitioner
  • A chronic disease nurse practitioner
  • A podiatrist

We will then make recommendations to the patient for follow up treatment if required. With consent, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our diagnosis, treatment provided and recommendations for follow up care.

Subsequent appointments

Depending on the diagnosis, we will recommend a further course of treatment that may include one or more of the following services:

  • Wound management package (two to six subsequent appointments)
  • High risk foot package
  • Wound prevention program
  • Intensive wound treatment package
  • Telehealth services

Ineligible patients

The following patients are ineligible for treatment:

  • Life threatening and / or severe traumatic injury
  • Acutely unwell and / or medically unstable
  • Abnormal test results that require urgent medical intervention
  • Treatment required outside scope of practice
  • Partial / full thickness burns in adults >10% of total body surface area and <5% TBSA for children
  • Partial / full thickness burns involving face or neck, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or major joints, circumferential burns and pregnancy with cutaneous burns
  • Burns caused by chemical, electricity (including lightning), associated with inhalation injury and suspected non-accidental injury
  • Burns with concomitant trauma or pre-existing unstable health condition
  • Significant deterioration in wound with sepsis or infarction and / or deterioration in general health since last review

Please contact for more information on patient eligibility and referrals.


Are your clients located in a rural area or have disabilities that prevent them from visiting our clinic? We will work with you to provide telehealth services to manage their wounds. Click here for more information.

Make a referral

Please download the referral form by clicking the button below. Once completed, please return to Wound Innovations (along with supporting documents if required)  so we can process your referral as soon as possible via the details below:

Medical Objects: Wound Innovations

Fax: 07 3059 6030

Phone: 1300 WOUNDS or 07 3724 0100