Clinical Services.

About Clinical Services

Wound Innovations team of wound clinicians treat patients with Chronic or Complex wounds face to face at Residential Aged Care facilities or at their home through a Home Care provider. Wound Innovations also delivers treatment remotely via telehealth.

Traditional approach:

A person with a chronic wound often sees many health professionals in an attempt to heal their wound.

On average, patients receive wound care from between 1 and 8 different providers including their local General Practitioner (GP), medical specialist (vascular surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, dermatologist, plastic surgeon) or community nurse, with dressing changes three to four times each week.

However, the communication between these groups is sometimes poor leading to confusion and lack of consistency in wound treatment. Evidence shows that patients with wounds heal faster and have improved quality of life when treated by a trained wound specialist.


Wound Innovations specialist wound consultations consist of the following:

  • A holistic review of the patient that includes a detailed wound assessment, physical examination, and an analysis of other factors such as mattresses, nutrition etc.
  • Wound cleansing (debridement)
  • Wound initial treatment (topical antibiotics, gels etc.)
  • Recommendations of appropriate wound dressings and other products depending on the wound’s characteristics and stage of healing
  • Development and provision of a tailored wound assessment and management plan for each patient to improve wound healing and empower RACF and Community nurses

Wound Innovations also provides compliance tools and resources to support the new Aged Care standards. For more information see our Wound Management & Prevention Programs

Wound Management & Prevention Programs