Wound Product User Guide Now Available


We are excited to announce the second edition of our popular Wound Product User Guide is now available on our website, for both digital download and print! A limited number of printed guides are available on our shop, so if you are interested in obtaining the updated print version, head to the product page here.…

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True or False: Hydrocolloids are Not Recommended for Skin Tears? Take our Wound Knowledge Test!

Are Hydrocolloid Dressings Recommended for Skin Tear Management - Take our Quiz

Skin Tear management includes evidence-based wound management as well as preventative strategies which will assist in preventing wound deterioration and future skin tears. Hydrocolloid Dressings are adhesive, waterproof dressings comprised of various gel forming properties including carboxymethyl-cellulose, pectin, gelatin and elastomers. Hydrocolloids provide a moist wound environment, aid in autolytic debridement, conform to body shape,…

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The Future Of Offloading Published?

Future of diabetic foot offloading

Article by Diabetic Foot Australia A new publication on plantar tissue stress received wide acclaim at this year’s 8th International Diabetic Foot Symposium with many suggesting it may shape the future of diabetic foot offloading treatments. The paper was authored by several leading offloading experts from the US (Crews & Najafi), Netherlands (van Netten & Bus Netherlands), UK (Chadwick) and…

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What are the Intrinsic Risk Factors for Pressure Injuries? Take our Wound Knowledge Test!

What are the Intrinsic Risk Factors for Pressure Injuries?

Any factor that exposes the skin to excessive pressure, or diminishes its tolerance to pressure, is considered a risk factor for pressure injuries. There are both Extrinsic and Intrinsic risk factors that predispose to Pressure Injury development. Intrinsic factors are those factors which influence the architecture and integrity of the skin and supporting structures, in…

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Department of Health Launches new My Aged Care website

The Department of Health has just released the new My Aged Care website

The Department of Health has released the new My Aged Care website, coinciding with the commencement of the new national Aged Care Quality Standards today. The Department’s official announcement states: “It (the new website) has a simple design and user-friendly content to help consumers find the information they are looking for. The ‘Find a provider…

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