Introducing Wound Innovations staff: Annabelle Bingley and Sarah Hylton

Introducing Wound Innovations staff: Annabelle Bingley and Sarah Hylton – Registered Nurses


Tell us a little bit about your professional background?

Sarah and Annie met on the first day of their first clinical practice as undergraduate nurses at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and have been friends and co-workers ever since. They both had the good fortune of working as assistant nurses at QUT’s Wound Clinic under the guidance of Dr Michelle Gibb, which is how their interest in wound care was started.

During their undergraduate years, Sarah and Annie went overseas with their nursing – to Samoa with the ORCHID charity foundation to help with renal access alongside Dr John Bingley, and to Taiwan with QUT’s short term mobility program to experience another culture and its delivery of healthcare.

Since graduating, Sarah and Annie have both worked on busy vascular surgery wards at large tertiary hospitals in Brisbane. Annie currently works as an agency nurse for First Choice Care and at the Mater Refugee Health Service, another area of health care she is interested in. They both started working at Wound Innovations in January 2017 and look forward to continuing their careers with a focus on chronic wound care.

Outside of work, Sarah and Annie have travelled together to Thailand and Peru, and enjoy going to see live music together and having puppy dates with their furry companions.

What attracted you to work at Wound Innovations?

Annie: My interest in wound care first sparked when I started working at the QUT’s Wound Clinic during my undergraduate degree, under the guidance of Dr Michelle Gibb. I enjoyed working alongside a myriad of professionals at the PAH, all who brought different experience and expertise, so when the opportunity came along to work in a multidisciplinary wound clinic I jumped at the chance.

Sarah: I was really attracted to the idea of being part of a new and developing service, and excited by the potential I saw to make a real impact on patient outcomes. At Wound Innovations I have been able to be a part of the decision making process and part of the patient’s journey.

What is your favourite aspect of working for WI?

Annie: My favourite aspect of working at Wound Innovations leads on from the last point of working in a multidisciplinary team. I love the different perspectives each discipline brings to the bigger picture of the patient and their wound. Working cohesively with a team like that helps us all become better, more knowledgeable practitioners. Importantly, and something that is stressed by Wound Innovations, we centre our care around the most important member of the multidisciplinary team – the patient. Making sure the patient has agency within the team helps us build achievable goals and keeps the focus on the patient, which is the whole reason we’re here!

Sarah: My favourite aspect of working at Wound Innovations is the independence, autonomy and empowerment that I continue to gain through working with such an incredible and cohesive team. I really feel like I get to engage not only with the patients and their families but with their health providers, which allows holistic care to be achieved.

If you could give one piece of advice to your clients, what would it be?

Annie: You are the most important part of the wound care team. Without your participation and engagement things will never progress – always ask questions and advocate for your health, you should feel empowered to make decisions and be part of the conversation.

Sarah: Having a chronic wound is such a widespread problem. I really want all of our clients to know that even though having a chronic wound can feel all-consuming at times, they should not feel defined by their wound and they are not alone in this journey.

What’s one thing about you not many people know?!

Annie: I have an almost fanatical devotion to the band Radiohead / I want to be a professional sign painter / I play in a band called Papperbok.

Sarah: I am big Agatha Christie fan – my cat is named Miss Marple, and my puppy is named Captain Hastings!

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